what I made.

You wake up, pour a cup of coffee, go to work, do stuff. You don’t always realize what you’re creating unless you start out with the intention to do so. It wasn’t until I spent a #selfcareSaturday cozy in bed, in need of a healthy soup that I realized all the creative potential I’ve been tapping into lately.

Big city, bright lights.

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And so ends another great week in 2016; another getaway, another nap curled up on the couch, another lunch comprised of leftovers from brunch and another week where I wore a sweater to work backwards by accident. I love 2016 already. Everything about its sleep-in-late-and-watch-The-Hangover-3-while-your-boyfriend-makes-breakfast kind of mood has been good for my soul. It’s been a long time coming but I think that 2016 is going to be quite the year.

Lazy days have been filling up my weekend calendar.

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City Girl Guide: Travel Edition

For collegiettes and working ladies alike, it’s about that time of the year when we all wish for a break from the every day. In undergrad, when spring break was so close I could taste it, I found myself daydreaming about how I would pack my suitcase and what necessities I would need to load into a carry-on. After my years of travel, I’ve figured out how to pack for almost any situation in the most efficient way possible.

Bon voyage!
Bon voyage! (Credit.)

Keep reading for my fabulous packing & travel tips to ensure you’re well prepared for your upcoming adventures, wherever they may take you! 

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What To Wear When: Winter Weather

The coffee has been sipped, banana pancakes enjoyed and a portly little snowman sits at the top of my driveway. Winter storm Juno has officially taken residence in Massachusetts and I’m cozy inside with all of my favorite things.

Oh, the weather outside is delightful.
Oh, the weather outside is delightful.

Keep reading for some of my shop-able snow day staples!

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“Downtown Girl” by Ali Campbell Photography

Good things come to those who drink caffeine, think happy thoughts, work their butts off & encourage each other to be the best versions of themselves. Time and time again, this is why I love connecting with my beautiful & talented friend, Ali.

Keep reading for more shots from our day downtown in the North End!

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12 Things All Commuting City Girls Must Own

Trains are late, traffic is inevitable and weather can be obnoxious. Commuting to work can be a real drag but if you’re prepared, it can be less so. My mornings consist of a ride on a train, changing to the subway and walking up a hill so when things go awry (which, in the city, can be quite often) it is nice to have supplies on hand that put me in my happy place.

Because getting to work can be hard enough. (Photo credit.)

Keep reading to read & shop my travel essentials for getting to and from work!

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City Girl Style: A Profile

As seen on Undergraduate Style!

I work in the city and live in the suburbs. My weekends are spent enjoying cocktails al fresco along urban sidewalks and shopping for fresh produce at open air markets. For me, my wardrobe needs to be comfortable, chic and versatile. From “go to” favorites and unexpected details, keep reading to see what makes up my “city girl” style!

Every day is a fashion show and being a style blogger is a serious business.
Every day is a fashion show and being a style blogger is a serious business.

Keep reading after the jump for my tips for styling some of my go-to looks!

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